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 The Another

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PostSubject: The Another   The Another Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2014 5:22 am

The Another Another_anime
In 1972, Misaki, a popular student of Yomiyama North Middle School's class 3-3, suddenly died partway through the school year. Devastated by the unexpected loss, the students and teachers behaved like Misaki was still alive, leading to a strange presence on the graduation photo. In Spring 1998, 15-year-old Kōichi Sakakibara transfers into Yomiyama's class 3-3, where he meets Mei Misaki, a strange student whom their classmates and teachers seemingly ignore. The class is soon caught up in a strange phenomenon, in which students and their relatives begin to die in mysterious, gruesome ways. Realizing that these deaths are related to the "Misaki of 1972", it is up to Kōichi and Mei to discover the cause of these mysterious deaths and figure out how to stop it before it kills them.
Main characters
Kōichi Sakakibara (榊原 恒一 Sakakibara Kōichi?)
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English), Kento Yamazaki (live-action film)
A 15-year-old boy who transferred to Yomiyama North Middle's class 3-3 from Tokyo in 1998, but was hospitalized due of a pneumothorax before the school year began. Kōichi stays with his grandparents and aunt Reiko, while his father conducts research in India. He befriends Mei Misaki despite warnings against doing so, and works with his classmates to uncover the truth behind the curse of class 3-3.
Mei Misaki (見崎 鳴 Misaki Mei?)
Voiced by: Natsumi Takamori (Japanese), Monica Rial (English), Ai Hashimoto (live-action film)
An unusual girl in Kōichi's class. She wears a white eyepatch over her left eye, a doll's eye crafted by her adoptive mother. She claims it allows her to see the "color of death"—an indicator to signify if a person is dead, or (in the case of class 3-3) is supposed be dead. At first, she is completely ignored by her classmates and sits in an old, scratched desk at the back of the classroom. Kōichi first meets her on the elevator of Yūmigaoka Hospital, as she delivers a doll to her now-dead cousin Misaki, and they gradually become closer.

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The Another
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